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Social Media Terms of Service

Updated January 2022

Image by Augustine Wong
Social Media Management Terms of Service: 
I. Content must be uploaded to the folder sent by ANG to ensure timely posting. The folder will be shared with ONLY the account manager and the account owner. Please do not share this folder with other parties. 
II. Suggested captions will be requested before the queue is created. Please send detailed captions and links you would like shared with posts. If you would like copyright services, you may be subject to additional fees. 
III. All content and captions should be completed in a timely manner to ensure your account posting is on schedule. Neglecting to complete these actions in a timely manner may result in days of no posts. If in case, posting is postponed due to the client not returning materials in a timely manner, days will NOT be added to your posting time and the renewal date will remain the same. If posting is delayed because of ANG, additional days will be added to your posting schedule at the back end of the month term.
IV. Content creation is included in all social media coordination. Plans are limited to 15 branded content images unless otherwise agreed. Additional posts may be purchased. 
V. Queue and Instagram layout approvals are required within 72 hours of receiving. Requests for changes needed or corrections to be made should be emailed to or
Changes and requests sent via text will not be recorded
If the client does not respond within the 72 hour grace period, the project will be deemed "Approved", unless notified otherwise via email. 
VI. Change requests after queue and layout have been approved or 72 hours have passed with no response, may also be subject to additional invoicing. 
VII. Communication is Key! ANG works with you as long as communication is clear. 
VIII. Customer service (responding to comments, messages, liking posts from other pages, and other engagement services) is not included in any pre-set social media coordination plans. Contact your Social Media Manager for a quote. 
IX. Onboarding & Renewal: We have 1 week (from the payment date) to complete the queue for the upcoming week/ month. All content should be submitted, captions will be curated/submitted and queue/layout will be approved in this time frame. Delays on part of the client will not be recovered. Delays on part of ANG will be recovered by adding additional days to the service agreement and submitted in writing. Atlanta Network Group does not provide refunds under any circumstances. You may receive a credit towards your account or may gift it to another business owner. 
X. Payments should be submitted on time to ensure posting is as scheduled. If you are not able to make a payment on the date of renewal, please contact your social media manager to create a payment arrangement. 
XI. If you wish to cancel your services, please contact your social media manager to confirm that all accounts are logged out and authorization is removed. 
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